Products and Services

Pfiedler Enterprises offers an array of educational products and services:

  • Certified CME activities for physicians
  • Non-Certified CME activities for residents and fellows
  • CE Credit courses for nurses, technologists and allied health
  • Educational Outcomes Measurement & Analysis


Education for Physicians

We work with physician leaders in all medical specialties to design continuing education to meet the needs of specific audiences.  Pfiedler has developed and conducted physician education throughout the world including sites in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Australia, and of course, Mexico, Canada and the United States.  Our funding is derived from tuitions paid by attendees and grant funds from foundations and healthcare organizations.

As an accredited ACCME provider, we build physician courses that meet or exceed the inherent high standards of continuing medical education.  Based on needs and dynamics of the audience, Pfiedler designs live symposia with traditional lectures and panel discussions, intensive hands-on workshops, web-based and self-directed learning activities.  Our workshops often entail sophisticated technological and laboratory requirements, all of which we are adept at managing.

Physician Fellows and Residents, especially in the surgical specialties, need highly interactive lecture and lab courses.  Pfiedler develops and conducts these non-credit continuing education activities with the direction of faculty experts from esteemed clinics and academic institutions across the country.


Education for Nurses, Technologists and Allied Health Professionals

Pfiedler allocates grant funds from healthcare organizations and medical industry to fulfill our corporate commitment to nursing and allied health continuing education.

For physicians to provide optimum care and “best practice” to patients, it is critical for nurses, technologists and allied health team members to have state-of-the-art skills and knowledge.  The perioperative nurse and team need skills to manage new sophisticated technologies as well as the nursing care of these patients.  As a unique example, Pfiedler is proud to be partnering with AORN to provide continuing nursing education on the exhibit floor of their Annual Congress.

By following national and state guidelines for continuing nursing education, we design and implement activities for specific target audiences of nurses and technologists.  We assess professional gaps in practice; at an institutional level, national, or specific need in an international location.  Educational formats mirror physician education, including live meetings, workshops with intensive hands-on practice with advanced technologies, online and hard-copy-based self-directed learning.


Educational Outcomes Measurement & Analysis

We build our continuing education courses based on knowledge and performance based needs, and do this with the clear intent of improving clinical practice and patient outcomes.  Our activities are often designed to capture experience and skill level prior to the educational intervention, and then capture changes in practice after the practitioner has returned to their healthcare setting.  This data is important for faculty who plan future activities with us, as well as for refining what we do as a provider of continuing education.