Disclosure and Resolution of Conflict for Individuals in Control of CME Content     

The global, social, and political climate expects companies, their officers and staff, to reveal potential affiliations, relationships and investments that might impact their ability to do their work without bias or prejudice.  In the development of education, Pfiedler Enterprises has a corporate commitment to illuminating possible bias and conflicts of interest, then mitigating and/or managing the conflict with conscious attention, review, and public notice.  


Rationale & Purpose                                                                                                         

Pfiedler Enterprises, in order to comply with the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) Standards for Commercial Support: Standards to Ensure Independence in CME Activities, seeks to ensure the disclosure and resolution of conflict for those who have control over development of CME content. The purpose of this policy is to achieve objectivity, balance and scientific rigor in every continuing medical education (CME) activity sponsored by Pfiedler Enterprises.


Who Must Disclose

Individuals who are in a position to control the content of a CME activity will disclose to learners all relevant financial relationships with commercial entities. Individuals who may control content include the Director of Education, program managers, planning committee members of an individual activity, and the Pfiedler Enterprises’ CME Advisory Committee.


What Information & Where Provided to Learners 

The data provided to learners will include: 1) the name of the individual, 2) the name of the commercial interest(s), and 3) the nature of the relationship the individual has with the commercial interest. This information will be provided on the Pfiedler Enterprises' website, and in the course syllabus or enduring material. Publicity materials will contain a statement indicating the website location for this data.

Use of Disclosures and Resolution of Identified Conflicts

Pfiedler Enterprises has a policy and procedure in place which requires the disclosure of all individuals in a position to control or develop content. This information is then used to identify potential conflicts and resolve them. Additional policy information is available by request.


Pfiedler Enterprises' Staff

For disclosure information of planning committee members for a specific CME activity, please refer to that syllabus or enduring material. Should you wish to view this information prior to the date of the event and distribution of the syllabus, please contact the Pfiedler Enterprises office at 720.748.6144.